Alevel geography essay answers

The Chinese are well aware of the importance of maintaining the fertility of the soil. Composting is a way of life as the Chinese save all organic matter to use as natural fertilizer or as animal fodder. In many instances a village farmer is assigned the task of gathering up deposits of manure from stray village animals and placing them in the communal compost bin. Through such care the Chinese have kept up the fertility of their soil which would otherwise have been depleted long ago by such intensive use.

Of course many A Level students do not yet have a clear idea of what kind of career they might want to pursue. If you are in this position, remember that  geography as an A level gives you the chance to keep your options open as it covers both arts and science components. It is quite likely that when you choose geography your classmates will all be doing different combinations of A Level subjects – this adds to the interest when it comes to discussions on issues as everyone will have very different ways of thinking and expressing their opinions.

Alevel geography essay answers

a level geography essay answers


a level geography essay answersa level geography essay answersa level geography essay answersa level geography essay answers