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The Johnson campaign’s advertising strategy worked: Johnson won in a landslide, and post-election polls indicated that many people voted less in favor of Johnson and more out of fear of Goldwater. To learn even more about the Daisy ad and the election of 1964, check out the sources for the information above: Tony Schwartz, The Responsive Chord (Doubleday, 1974) and Kathleen Hall Jamieson, Packaging the Presidency: A History and Criticism of Presidential Campaign Advertising (New York: Oxford University Press, 1992, 2nd ed.).

If you're just having a normal conversation, you can pretty much ignore most of the body language reading. Chances are, if someone isn't telling you the truth during a casual conversation, it doesn't really matter. If you're in the midst of a debate, watching for fallacies and paying attention to language use is helpful, but it's just as important to pay close attention to conversation as a whole. Of course, people lie, so looking for for signs is great, just don't let it rule the conversation. Try and balance active listening with everything else when you can. If it's a truly heated argument, I've found that most tips can be thrown out the window entirely, because everyone reacts to big disagreement differently.

Amazing, this intersects and expands so much that I’ve learned about Blade Runner since we were required to view it 9 times as a grad school assignment in 1983 (only theatrical cut on beta video tape). I will be including your brilliant ESPER diagram and vid sequence in my art lectures, along side Velazquez’s “Las Meninas” of 1656 – a painting written about in the 80’s by Leo Steinberg – where a painting shows an artist painting the King and Queen of Spain, but we see them only as a copy of a copy (a mirror reflection of a painting) – see, http:///The_Enigma_of_Las_Meninas .
As Steinberg states, “It is the fusion of the role of sight and the role of the mirror which explains the remarkable nature of this painting and which transmits the central message of “Las Meninas,” that reality, reflection and representation exist together (Steinberg 53)”.
So too for replicants, our copy of a copy of us.
Thus, I’m trying to figure what level of copy Decker holds in his hand:
Original Zora > Mirror 1 copy level 1 > Mirror 2 copy level 2 > Camera/Leon’s Photo copy level 3 > ESPER Vid screen copy level 4 > ESPER hardcopy image of Zora copy level 5
– should we count our level as Movie of Zora hardcopy as level 6 or if seeing it on this blog Vimeo of Movie of Zora hardcopy = level 7?
Any levels left out?
“It’s skin all the way down.” – . Taylor

Advertisement analyzing essay

advertisement analyzing essay


advertisement analyzing essayadvertisement analyzing essayadvertisement analyzing essayadvertisement analyzing essay