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Now that we have laid out the foundation for a good application essay, you may be thinking about how you will be able to stand out from the several hundreds or even thousands of essays that we will be assessing this season. The secret ingredient is “YOU.” Letting a little of your personality, style and passion show through while you speak candidly about your plans will help make your essay distinct and interesting. While we know that most people are not professional writers or even native English speakers, a little personality and specific details can make it more compelling. We suggest that you have friends or family read your drafts to confirm that others understand what you want to convey and that you are adequately answering the questions. It also goes without saying that you should proofread it carefully. A good admissions essay should not have grammatically or typographical errors. We also check your essays for plagiarism, so make sure you always submit your own work.

Next, you have to let the admissions committee know your post MBA plans and long-term prospects with the career. Having a path focusing on your passions and interests in life will compel the committee if a layer of seamless bridging is added to it. Where UCLA is asking for a focus of their input into your plans, the institution wants you to cite specific classes or programs that will fit your career path. Express a personal side to help bring out social and extracurricular aspects attracting you to the school. In addition, try to be specific in explaining the things that are unique to a UCLA MBA as this will enable the committee to analyze your guiding purpose to enable you to focus your energy and activity. Bringing out a strong driving purpose, “Why am I doing this?” will give the committee a focus in the short and long-term vision you want to achieve.

Anderson essays

anderson essays


anderson essaysanderson essaysanderson essaysanderson essays