Assistive technology term paper

Georgia Tools for Life is providing leadership in the area of AT Research. We are involved with the research community, with manufacturers and publishers of AT products, and with practitioners and professionals. We are encouraging and supporting the application of research and research principles to the design and development of new products, to evidence based practice in therapy and classroom instruction, and to the collection of evidence which can guide purchase and policy decisions. Visit the TFL wiki to see the latest Research Highlights .

Discover the latest in AT Research:
Tools for Life conducts and participates in research projects to improve the lives of people with disabilities through assistive technology. TFL, along with our regional, national and international partners, strives to explore the outcomes of AT use by people with disabilities, as well as to determine the effectiveness and usefulness of AT devices and services.

Participate in AT Research:
Join the TFL Consumer Research Network of people with disabilities and older adults that test products, prototypes and services to assist in improving the product through trials, surveys, demonstrations and focus groups.

Upcoming events in AT Research:
TFL is extremely active in the AT Research Community. Visit our TFLwiki to learn more about upcoming events.

Assistive technology term paper

assistive technology term paper


assistive technology term paperassistive technology term paperassistive technology term paperassistive technology term paper