Brain drain in pakistan essay

I did not like this letter at all because of many reasons –
1) Incorrect Grammar and Terrible Usage of English Words
2) The first paragraph has been copied from another site
3) The points are even not up to the mark of an average letter
4) I do not understand the concept of bodies. You could have written something less inappropriate.
5) A very silly mistake, may be because you did not know, was stagnant water leads to breeding of mosquitoes and not “FLIES”. Referring to the fourth paragraph of your letter.
Lastly, I suggest you to learn the format of an editorial letter because an editorial letter only has three paragraphs.

6. Twice Born. Six months into her pregnancy, Keri McCartney and her husband, Chad McCartney, of Laredo, Texas, found out that their baby had an enormous and deadly tumor growing out of her tailbone. An ultrasound revealed the noncancerous, grapefruit-sized growth, which was draining the baby's blood supply and would have killed her. In a risky and rare procedure, surgeons at Texas Children's Hospital in Houston anesthetized McCartney to relax her womb, moved her uterus entirely outside her body, opened it, and then lifted about 80 percent of the baby's tiny body out, leaving just the head and upper torso inside. During the four-hour procedure, surgeons had to remove the tumor as quickly as possible, because too much exposure to air could have sent the baby into cardiac arrest. They then returned the fetus, which weighed about a quarter of a pound, to the womb and closed the amniotic sac, hoping to retain as much of the precious amniotic fluid as possible. The baby was born 'again' 10 weeks later, on May 3 of this year. Doctor's say she's perfectly healthy and her parents have named her Macie Hope McCartney.

Finally, find a way to give today’s officers more of a voice in their assignments and in their lives. If there is one key generational difference between today’s young officers and those of my generation (and there are many), expecting a voice in their future is the one that most stands out — for the officer, for his or her spouse with a separate career, and for their family. One answer may be the creation of "yellow pages" to apply for assignments as Tim Kane suggests. Officers and their families want choices, not simply orders. Another is simply more humane one-on-one dialogue between human resources directors and individual officers. During a rapid drawdown, the human resources impetus is to "dump" officers, and no one is held accountable for the ensuing quality drain as many of the best exit. That meat-ax approach to management has to end if the military is to retain critical talent in this drawdown as a hedge against a very dangerous world.

Brain drain in pakistan essay

brain drain in pakistan essay


brain drain in pakistan essaybrain drain in pakistan essaybrain drain in pakistan essaybrain drain in pakistan essay