Bressay ferry information

Fair Isle's ocean moderation is so strong that areas on the same latitudes in the Scandinavian inland less than 1000 kilometres to the east have average summer highs 2–3 degrees higher than Fair Isle's all-time record temperature, for example the Norwegian capital of Oslo and the Swedish capital of Stockholm . The −5 all-time low is uniquely mild for European locations on the 59th parallel north . The winter daily means are comparable to many areas as far south in the British Isles as south-central England, due to the extreme maritime moderation.

Buddon Ness is the southern tip of the Barry Links, a wedge-shaped sandy promontory at the northern entrance to the Firth of Tay south of Carnoustie. Lighting the point usefully is a problem due to the rapidly shifting channels in the area. The original (1688) lighthouse was replaced in 1753 by a wooden low light built on rollers for ease of relocation. ARLHS # SCO-283 SC 72Q Buddon Ness High
latitude 56° 28' " N longitude 2° 45' " W After deactivation the lighthouse served for some years as an observation post, and for several years after 1987 it carried a radar scanner as part of a Dundee University research project. Located at the southern tip of the Barry Links, marking the entrance to the Firth of Tay. ARLHS # SCO-025 SC 73 Bell Rock A long and treacherous reef lying in the North Sea, some 12 miles East of Dundee. (A 3108) ARLHS # SCO-020 Photo courtesy Calum MacAulay [ Flickr ]

Roll on / roll off services, carrying passengers and all types of vehicles, operate every day to the islands of Yell, Unst, Fetlar, Whalsay and Bressay. A Roll on / Roll off service is now in place for Papa Stour. Vehicles can be reserved on all these routes except to Bressay. Freight and limited passenger services operate to Skerries, Fair Isle, and Papa Stour. Frequencies vary from 3 to 12 return sailings per week and some vehicles can be carried. All passengers and vehicles must be booked. In addition to this, BK Marine operate a lifeline service to Foula under contract to the Shetland Islands Council.

Bressay ferry information

bressay ferry information


bressay ferry informationbressay ferry informationbressay ferry informationbressay ferry information