Cervical dissertation vaccine

Hi Dr Arun
my name is Habib from Pakistan punjab my father diaganose Cervical bone Tb pain in neck, and start taking anti tb med from 18 june plus about 16 injection of steptomycine as well and stopped
had second bypass in 2014, diabatic paitent as well.
pain in neck and weakness as well after taking above medicin after 15 days he is not able to stand by him self
imbalance need support to walk dr gave serc 24 mg medicine twice a day for the same
is it due to above injections or anyother problem please advise your valuable openion.
as long as he is sitting or lying on bed he is talking like fit man.

Since they were designed to sustain only a small portion of the forces of the spine, the previously glistening, healthy cartilage starts to breakdown. As the cartilage degenerates, the underlying bone becomes exposed and an inflammatory reaction begins. This causes irritation of the joint, which can lead to pain. This sets up a vicious cycle of events. The more the facet joints become degenerated, the less they are able to tolerate the increased demands. Thus, greater demands will then be placed on the intervertebral disc, causing it to further degenerate (or breakdown) as well. The changes in the intervertebral disc and facet joints are not reversible at this time.

I am Haresh aged 30, from Thrissur and I am working in Bharth Electronic Ltd Banglore as a software engineer. I am suffering from cervical spondylosis since 3 years. First it started as a neck pain and came to right shoulder and finger and finger tips, especially ring finger. In the begining I went to an allopathy doctor and after 6 month of treatment pain has gone. After 5-6 month, again the neck pain and severe shoulder pain started. This I went to an ayurvedic doctor and took some ayurvedic medicine. This year january month I played volleyball for one week, after that I got severe pain. I took MRI scan, it showed disc herniation between c5-c6. In march I went for ayurvedic panchakarma treatment and pain got reduced. After I starte working in office, pain started again. Now I am undergoing physiotherapy since one month. Physiotherapist told my right side shoulder is very numbness is there in hands.
Kindly let me know homeopathy treatment for recovering from cervical spondylosis.

Cervical dissertation vaccine

cervical dissertation vaccine


cervical dissertation vaccinecervical dissertation vaccinecervical dissertation vaccinecervical dissertation vaccine