Change default gravatar thesis

Each browser will have a different way to set it as the default browser after installation. At the top of the browser window there is a menu with words (assuming you haven’t hidden it) like File, Edit, View, Favorites, Tools and Help. Click each and a menu will appear. Look for something that refers to Preferences, Settings or Options and click it. Under this section of the browser you have to look for where it lets you set the browser as the default browser. There might be an checkbox beside “… should check to see if it is the default browser.” or just a button or checkbox to make the change.

By default, Theme My Login includes a minimal stylesheet, titled theme-my- , from the plugin directory. In most cases, this is all the styling needed for a decent looking log in form. However, some themes may “mess it up” or you may just need something more customized. This is where the custom stylesheet comes in to play. If you create a copy of theme-my- in your theme’s directory, this version will be loaded instead of the default version. This is a great way to maintain your customizations between plugin upgrades.

Change default gravatar thesis

change default gravatar thesis


change default gravatar thesischange default gravatar thesischange default gravatar thesischange default gravatar thesis