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The Journal of Medicinal Chemistry is a peer-reviewed medical journal covering research in medicinal chemistry . It is published by the American Chemical Society . It was established in 1959 as the Journal of Medicinal and Pharmaceutical Chemistry and obtained its current name in 1963. [1] The editors-in-chief are Gunda I. Georg ( University of Minnesota ) and Shaomeng Wang ( University of Michigan ). They succeeded Philip S. Portoghese ( University of Minnesota ) in 2012. Portoghese had served as editor-in-chief from 1972-2011. [1] According to the Journal Citation Reports , the journal had a 2014 impact factor of , ranking it 3rd out of 59 journals in the category "Chemistry, Medicinal". [2]

Authors and referees should note the following guidelines for articles reporting the efficiency of solar conversion devices. Authors should ensure the following information is provided in the main manuscript or supplementary information as appropriate.

A full, conventional error analysis should be carried out and reported. This should consist of both random and systematic/bias analyses of values to support the main claims presented in the article, and information on how the error analysis was carried out.

Efficiencies should be reported to an appropriate number of significant figures, along with a standard deviation. This also includes presenting error bars on graphs.

A sufficient number of samples should be tested, and a sufficient number of trials performed.

The 1 Sun AM reference spectrum should be used as standard for testing power conversion efficiency and a justification provided where this is not used.

Full experimental conditions under which the efficiency is measured should be declared. Special attention should be paid to documenting the active area of the device, the calibration protocol and properties of the illumination including spectral irradiance and intensity. This may also include as appropriate, but is not limited to, air temperature, use of a glove box, properties and characteristics of the test cell and standardized cell used for calibration, including dimensions and spatial non-uniformity, and calibration and measurement protocols.

Independent certification of the photovoltaic performance of the device being reported is encouraged when the main claims rely on the absolute efficiency value being reported.

If incident photon-to-current efficiency (IPCE), also referred to as external quantum efficiency (EQE) measurements are performed, the results should be integrated to a resulting short circuit current that can be compared with 1 Sun AM power conversion efficiency data.  The details of how this calculation is done and any correction factors should be clearly defined.

If hysteresis is observed , details on timescale and stability of the efficiency should be provided.

Chemistry journal

chemistry journal


chemistry journalchemistry journalchemistry journalchemistry journal