College essay ny times

Revising and editing are a writers best friend but at the same time their worst enemy. Originally in my schooling I was led to believe that revising was just the basic editing job, a couple commas here and a spelling correction there. Reading this article I am forced to believe differently. As talked about in the article, I was always the kind of person to write a rough draft and just knit pick a couple sentences here and there. Looking back I see just how wrong I was. Revisions are a chance to advance your writing and transform your paper to its true potential. Revising comes with the bitter connotation of repetitive and relentless work, but the results don’t lie. Once you compare your final draft to your first attempt, you want to see true improvement, and revising is a great rule of thumb to get there.

We sought pleasure in our youth so we provided for every possible pleasure for our children. Every need met, even pills for emotional needs. Feel bad? Here’s a pill. Feel sad? Here’s a pill. Feel mad? Here’s a pill. We didn’t teach them a particular “right” religion (just seek spiritual experiences that feel good), or moral code (situational ethics, just go with what feels right)) or political stance (Politics. Pssht.) or occupation (let’s just watch .) or health (fast food, it’s easy) or education (no grades, that ranks people, they’d feel bad; whatever you think is fine, everybody’s ideas get equal importance)…

College essay ny times

college essay ny times


college essay ny timescollege essay ny timescollege essay ny timescollege essay ny times