Community involvement essay sample

I can’t find the words of thanks that would adequately express what I feel. I can only say that FIS helped me get though the absolute worst time of my life and helped to ease some of the panic and pain of the situation. I’ve been with FIS for 30+ years and cherish every moment I have been part of this family. Time and time again, FIS has demonstrated to be a truly great ‘people’ company. - FIS employee FIS Charitable Foundation The FIS Charitable Foundation (CF) is a nonprofit, nonstock corporation that serves as the primary source for FIS charitable contributions. The CF complements the philanthropic volunteer efforts of our employees by providing financial support to qualified organizations operating within our areas of focus. The CF considers financial donations, team contributions and donation matches upon request.

Computers 2 SD Kids is a local non-profit organization created to help children obtain computers, software, training, and support to become computer literate and to increase their access to education and occupational resources. Bridgepoint Education donated refurbished electronic equipment to the local organization. All computers that Computer 2 SD Kids receives are refurbished and upgraded with new software and programs before being placed into low-income homes. Additionally, Computers 2 SD Kids has a tech support program to ensure the computers maintain their usability.

Community involvement essay sample

community involvement essay sample


community involvement essay samplecommunity involvement essay samplecommunity involvement essay samplecommunity involvement essay sample