Controversial issues persuasive essays

"We would love to be able to understand what is causing the relationship we observe between education and polarization, and how certain science topics got so polarized in the first place," Drummond said. "Disagreements about science seem to be about more than the science itself, but also what the science's implications are for a person's identity." Explore further: Antidote for partisanship? In science, curiosity seems to work

"A lot of science is generally accepted and trusted, but certain topics have become deeply polarizing. We wanted to find out what factors are related to this polarization, and it turns out the 'deficit model' -- which says the divisions are due to a lack of education or understanding -- does not tell the whole story," said Caitlin Drummond, the lead author who recently received her . in behavioral decision research from CMU's Department of Social and Decision Sciences and will be a postdoctoral research fellow at the Erb Institute at the University of Michigan this fall.

We live in an information age.   Much of the history of our faith which was once obscure, is now coming into our cultural awareness.   Some of this information appears to be challenging to our faith. Many websites and online articles today are written to impose a critical view of the Church and to diminish faith. What is needed is a fair and balanced article designed to show the critical perspective, then to go one step further in surrounding that perspective with faithful views.  The Mormon Primer attempts to do this, offering what we believe is objectivity and historical context.   A clear explanation of the material supplemented with Footnotes and Resources to allow the reader to learn on their own.   This is what we believe we have done with the Mormon Primer.

Controversial issues persuasive essays

controversial issues persuasive essays


controversial issues persuasive essayscontroversial issues persuasive essayscontroversial issues persuasive essayscontroversial issues persuasive essays