Ernest hemingway research paper topics

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Besides suicide, the Hemingway family history is also laced with the inherited condition of hemochromatosis. At the time, medicine was not advanced enough to provide direct evidence that the writer was suffering from a genetic disorder. However, the genetic connection was made in 1996 through research  on the human hemochromatosis protein  gene. Historically, Irish and Celtic populations have a higher prevalence rate than any other heritage. The discovery led doctors to calculate that the condition was much more common than previously thought. Calculations based on field research have led to a one in 200 diagnosis estimate and very few fatal cases unless left untreated like Hemingway.

Ernest hemingway research paper topics

ernest hemingway research paper topics


ernest hemingway research paper topicsernest hemingway research paper topicsernest hemingway research paper topicsernest hemingway research paper topics