Essay religious wars

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And then there are the Republicans, which is the party that I am registered with, but disavow. It seems like nothing is more important to them than tax breaks for the rich, who already hold a greater percentage of wealth than they have ever owned historically. Yet they want more, and look down upon those barely getting by with the attitude ‘Well, if they just made good choices (like going to the Joel Osteen church of self aggrandizement or getting into the right Ivy League school) they would not be in the sorry shape they are in. They caused their problems, and they need to work them out themselves.

Belief in murderism creates a hostile and ineffective society whose weird beliefs can only be countered by accepting that murder is rarely a terminal goal, but a usually result of strategies pursued for other reasons. We accept that having a terminal goal of killing people seems so awful, inhuman, and incongruous with the sort of decent humans we all know – that it’s a very strange explanation to even consider when other, better ones are available. We can apply the same analysis to racism. The discussion questions in Part I already started the process, but we can go further.

Essay religious wars

essay religious wars


essay religious warsessay religious warsessay religious warsessay religious wars