Essays on hate crimes

Another group that has had a strong incentive to exaggerate the present threat of right-wing anti-Semitism is Jewish progressive activists. For the past decade or so, leftist Jews have increasingly found themselves excluded from progressive coalitions that not only take very harsh anti-Israel lines, but also have refused to take seriously anti-Semitism in their midst, suggesting that allegations of such anti-Semitism are mere covers for the “privilege” of “white Zionists.” So long as the problem of American anti-Semitism was largely associated with anti-Zionism and far-left politics more generally, Jews were not permitted to be part of a coalition of the marginalized.

However, such hate speech might be considered a hate crime elsewhere in the world, Some countries like Canada have hate propaganda laws that target hate speech in addition to the hate crime laws that target hate-motivated violence. These two types of laws are frequently confused -- sometimes intentionally.

Some religious conservatives have expressed concern that a pastor's sermon or writings might so inflame a member of their congregation that the latter might be motivated to pick up a baseball bat and bash some strangers who he/she believes to be gay. Again, no conspiracy exists between the pastor and the gay basher to commit a crime, and thus the pastor could not be prosecuted under the hate crimes law.

Essays on hate crimes

essays on hate crimes


essays on hate crimesessays on hate crimesessays on hate crimesessays on hate crimes