Film studies dissertation prospectus

All students work on collaborative and individual film productions over the three years of the degree. You will experience writing, shooting, casting and editing, and you will be guided to contribute to real film festivals across the UK. Students on our Writing, Reviewing and Film Criticism module (year one) run a film blog and are set writing commissions by external partners, including Phoenix Cinema. Students taking our Professional Practice, Film Festivals module (year two) gain experience of developing and delivering a film festival in a range of roles. These opportunities, alongside the industry focus, are key parts of our wider teaching and will allow you to make sense of the cinema industry and film culture from a practical, creative and commercial perspective, as well as develop your industry links.

This module examines the way in which the genres of Horror and Cartoon Comedy splice animals and humans together to create frightening or comical visions of both. There is a long history in cinema of humanising the animal ('anthropomorphism') and animalising the human ('theriomorphism'), through hybrids of animal and human beings (werewolves, man-beasts from Greek myth), or animal and human behaviour, as when feeding (vampires, zombies) or in political behaviour (invading alien monsters). We will analyse the narrational methods, cinematic technologies, ethics, and politics of these films by looking at contemporary examples including Twilight, Daybreakers, Red Dragon, The Island of Dr Moreau, Splice, X-Men, Up!, Antz, Happy Feet, District 9 and Alien.

It is expected that the student should work for a minimum of 70 hours, for which they will be required to provide evidence. The 70 hours can be completed in 10 working days in a full-time mode during the summer (where available), or spread over a semester in a part-time mode. Additionally, learners may in some cases be able to utilise their existing part-time / vacation employment providing they can demonstrate that it is personally developmental and involves a level of responsibility (decided upon submission of the role details by the Module Leader).

Film studies dissertation prospectus

film studies dissertation prospectus


film studies dissertation prospectusfilm studies dissertation prospectusfilm studies dissertation prospectusfilm studies dissertation prospectus