Funny student history essays

Since Perestroika opened former-Soviet borders for emigrants, KVN has reached Israel , Germany , Australia , Portugal , France , The United Kingdom and the United States . Many countries created their own teams, leagues and competitions. In 1992 the Israel team tested the waters playing against the CIS team. The game was an unquestionable success and more international games on a highest level followed: the CIS team visited Israel, Germany and USA. The culmination was in 1994 with the First KVN World Festival in Israel with 4 teams (USA, Israel, CIS and Germany). This event attracted a new generation of players to KVN. Currently, the American League includes more than 30 teams from different universities, including such prominent ones as Harvard , Berkeley and New York University (NYU) (the very first League Champion). KVN Israel comprises two Leagues with about 30 teams from different . also has a prominent KVN community, with teams from a number of universities.

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The Other Side
Two blondes were standing on opposite sides of the river. The blonde on the west side yelled across to the other, "Can you tell me how to get to the other side of the river?" The blonde on the east side looked up and down the river and yelled back, "You are on the other side!"
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Funny student history essays

funny student history essays


funny student history essaysfunny student history essaysfunny student history essaysfunny student history essays