Gcse media studies production coursework evaluation

  • The chance to enjoy a fresh contemporary subject, using state of the art facilities, which may lead you to media industry work in the future
  • Trips and cinema or other visits, with industry guest speakers
  • An extremely enjoyable, yet challenging, experience
  • Studying a truly contemporary subject which is relevant to all our’ lives. The media saturates everything we do in the developed world in the 21st Century. Giving you the tools to analyse and critique the media affords you the chance to see the ways in which the media pervades your life.
  • Improving your literacy skills and abilities in other subjects. Your English skills will improve when you are studying the media. Because you are motivated, you are happy to write detailed critiques of the media in a way many are not when analysing Victorian literature or writing essays for other subjects. You will also learn a great deal of new terminology much of which can be used in other subjects, including English, the Humanities, D&T and Science.
As well as having a diverse academic background Media Studies also involves you making your own films and videos, writing your own newspapers, setting up your own websites and creating your own music videos. It is extremely hands-on; you will interact with modern technology in lots of ways, using all the customary IT programmes such as word-processing and presentation software as well as video and sound editing software.

Use the links below to open audio versions of the poems in the Anthology . This is a selection of the Pre-1914 Poetry Bank . Other poems are protected by the authors' copyright. The mp3 files are larger and of slightly better quality; I recorded them using Audacity . The Real Media files were converted from the mp3 files using Helix Producer Basic . To play these files you will need a media player such as RealOne Player or Windows Media Player . You are welcome to edit the files and add your own FX. If you have a slow connection the files may take some time to download or open.

We live in a media-saturated world. From video clips on your phone, to TV ads to blockbuster movies, to posters at the bus stop, to the music in your earbuds, you are surrounded by media messages for most of your waking hours. How do you make sense of them all? How do you know what they are trying to communicate — both on an obvious and a less obvious level? How do you know how much you have been influenced — consciously or subconsciously — by these media messages? Does the media reflect your reality, or control the way you view it?

Gcse media studies production coursework evaluation

gcse media studies production coursework evaluation


gcse media studies production coursework evaluationgcse media studies production coursework evaluationgcse media studies production coursework evaluationgcse media studies production coursework evaluation