Harry potter changed my life essay

In their May 2004 issue, the US Army publication The Preventive Maintenance Monthly , which instructs soldiers on how to maintain their equipment, featured a spoof comic based on Harry Potter , featuring a character named Topper who resided at Mogmarts School under Professor Rumbledore. [47] The publication received notice from Rowling's lawyers that the comics breached copyright, though the magazine's editor, Ken Crunk, claimed that no violation had taken place, as "[t]he drawings do not look like any of the characters from Harry Potter ". [47] After a discussion with Rowling's representatives, the magazine agreed not to use the characters again. [48]

Subsequent years would prove that Harry Potter was something truly special. The overall opinion of the books was favorable, and the fan base was steadily growing. The series eventually became so popular that new book releases were actually guarded by armed guards under lock and key. This was to prevent thieves from releasing the stories’ secrets to the public ahead of release.

Both the movie series, as well as the books have set numerous records for their popularity. The book series ranks number one in the world for most popular series. Combined there have been a total of 450 million books sold with the next highest series being “Goosebumps” at a mere 300 million. Not so shockingly, it’s also the highest grossing film series of all time as well. The entire series has earned its makers the #1 spot where it will remain next to Marvel Cinematic Universe , James Bond , and Star Wars . Clearly Harry Potter has earned a spot in movie history and will share a spot next to other legends for years to come.

Harry potter changed my life essay

harry potter changed my life essay


harry potter changed my life essayharry potter changed my life essayharry potter changed my life essayharry potter changed my life essay