Narration description essay outline

On this page we list all the individual, organization, and corporate services that we know about in the USA that are involved with audio description, provided the organization has validated the information in the previous three years.  The commercial companies typically employ professional audio description personnel who write the description for movies, DVDs, and other media, while the organizations tend to provide audio description services via trained describers for local events.  Listing on this page does not imply an endorsement of any kind from the American Council of the Blind or the Audio Description Project , and we reserve the right to not list or remove a listing that we feel false or misleading in any way.

“Reaching for Petals is a fantastic looking game with a brilliant heart-warming story to accompany it. It’s something that captivates you from start to finish with its visuals and great narration throughout.”
8/10 – GReviews

“Its full story can’t be told without taking away the magic of discovering it. What it is, though, is worth exploration from anyone who wants a meaningful experience in a game.”
Big Boss Battle

“I quickly became fully invested and couldn't tear myself away; the limited gameplay notwithstanding, it's a compelling adventure for both the character and the player themselves. Even if you only play through it once or twice, the experience should still be had.”
/10 – KeenGamer

Narration description essay outline

narration description essay outline


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