North and south colonies essays

North Carolina   Founded: 1653 by Virginia colonists Major Industry: Plantation agriculture (indigo, rice, tobacco) Major Cities : Raleigh Colony Named for: from Carolus , the Latin word for "Charles," Charles I of England Became a State : November 21, 1789 More on Colonial North Carolina
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Because the Highlanders were adventurous, didn’t mix well with the other populations, preferred to speak Gaelic, and were seen as supporters of the now-defeated Crown of Britain, many sought to “escape” unfriendly territory and struck out to tame the western frontier. Many became famous pioneers in Kentucky, Tennessee, and as far west as Texas. However, at the same time, Highlanders who had settled in the northern states started migrating south to North Carolina because it was seen as a land with better farming and a close-knit Highland community. Ergo, the Scottish population continued to grow in Carolina, despite the exodus of the Highland western pioneers.


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    North and south colonies essays

    north and south colonies essays


    north and south colonies essaysnorth and south colonies essaysnorth and south colonies essaysnorth and south colonies essays