Our civilization essay

I find this an odd remark.  Dr. Senior wrote out a list.  Then it was typed.  After several years, it was photo-copied, retyped, and eventually sent around by email over the course of 30 years.  It was put in print recently in his book, The Death of Christian Culture (also available in ebook format).  In the process of writing this article, I received version by pdf and email.  Now I have added the original list to a website, which is– for many readers– linked to their Facebook or LinkedIn pages.  I believe your own posting in the “com box” testifies to the success of putting these “excellent ideas” “within that reality.”  No?  That John Senior’s list has appeared in so many media attests to the enduring worth and ongoing attraction of his views.

Have to admit I sometimes use “English” for “British” out of annoyance with the Scotch Nat cucks, who pretend to be nationalists but wish to destroy the United Kingdom, and take Scotland into the intimate embrace of the EU where they will have a much smaller (essential zero) voice than they have in Britain: a Britain that they have often, in effect, ruled through powerful ministers including Prime Ministers MacDonald, MacMillan, Home, Blair, and that Brown turn, wh0 called an old woman a bigot for objecting to the genocidal flood of immigration promoted by Brown’s cuck Labor Government.

The domestication of biotechnology in everyday life may also be helpful in solving practical economic and environmental problems. Once a new generation of children has grown up, as familiar with biotech games as our grandchildren are now with computer games, biotechnology will no longer seem weird and alien. In the era of Open Source biology, the magic of genes will be available to anyone with the skill and imagination to use it. The way will be open for biotechnology to move into the mainstream of economic development, to help us solve some of our urgent social problems and ameliorate the human condition all over the earth. Open Source biology could be a powerful tool, giving us access to cheap and abundant solar energy.

Our civilization essay

our civilization essay


our civilization essayour civilization essayour civilization essayour civilization essay