Paper 3d miniture typewriter

Nice work John. Not only is the detail spot on with realism but the craftmanship is aces. I was a builder for close to 40 years until a back surgery forced my retirement into the world of social security/disability. i am one of those lucky ones who made a good deal of money doing what I loved. For the last 1 plus years I’ve been taking my love of building to the miniture level of ho trains with a sizable 15 x 15 layout. It surely has helped me get over the “i miss work blues.” May I ask what you used for sidewalks, curbs and the base beneath the structures? Thanks

This is a nice Instructable with better than usual rigor in its testing. However, speaking as a chemist, I also wonder about what other things are outgassing from the hot plastic. HCN and CO are certainly to be worried about, especially since CO is odorless, but as other commentors have noted, there is a smell associated with 3D printing. If you're smelling something, then something is volatilizing from the hot plastic. What?--probably a mixture of a bunch of things, a complete characterization of which is likely beyond DIY science, although I'd be surprised if someone hasn't written up a paper on it already.

So common sense would seen to dictate some level of precaution. Venting your work space would be nice, and don't sleep next to a working printer. Is it any worse than breathing in solder flux fumes or sawdust? I don't know.

Paper 3d miniture typewriter

paper 3d miniture typewriter


paper 3d miniture typewriterpaper 3d miniture typewriterpaper 3d miniture typewriterpaper 3d miniture typewriter