Peer reviewed journals

Cognition and Instruction : Among education journals, Cognition and Instruction's distinctive niche is rigorous study of foundational issues concerning the mental, socio-cultural, and meditational processes and conditions of learning and intellectual competence. For these purposes, both "cognition" and "instruction" must be interpreted broadly. The journal preferentially attends to the "how" of learning and intellectual practices. A balance of well-reasoned theory and careful and reflective empirical technique is typical. [Impact Factor: ]

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Hi Andrew,
Paper you may have, but couldn't find on "The phase relation between atmospheric carbon dioxide and global temperature"

CO2 lagging temp change, which really turns the entire AGW argument on its head:


► Changes in global atmospheric CO2 are lagging 11–12 months behind changes in global sea surface temperature ► Changes in atmospheric CO2 are not tracking changes in human emissions.


Peer reviewed journals

peer reviewed journals


peer reviewed journalspeer reviewed journalspeer reviewed journalspeer reviewed journals