Phd thesis page setup

It took me a while to realize what is now obvious: .’s are well-suited to being their own bosses. As a humanities graduate student, I managed my own projects from beginning to end, with no one telling me on a regular basis what to do or how to do it. In general, doctoral students are incredibly self-motivated and driven: to plan, research, write, present, teach, apply, report, submit, budget, edit, navigate bureaucracy, and manage their own time and their supervisors’ expectations. And we do this with limited funding, drawing on our creativity and resourcefulness to accomplish our goals.

In the fast emerging field of Integrated Optics, our research focusses on Active Nanophotonic Devices: development of novel on-chip active devices (lasers and amplifiers) based on heterogeneous integration of rare-earth doped gain materials on passive photonic platforms, Integrated Optical Sensors and novel devices based on the combination of plasmonics and integrated optics
Technology Development The creation of nanostructures, the control of fields with interferometric precision and the detection of the emission of single molecules requires state of the art technology. We develop this technology to create the smallest structures and most sensitive detection, for the benefit of our own research and others in the MESA+ institute.

Phd thesis page setup

phd thesis page setup


phd thesis page setupphd thesis page setupphd thesis page setupphd thesis page setup