Print on watermarked paper

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There are numerous speculations as to why home and office printers are printing extra yellow dots on your paper. Some are suspect of printer manufacturer’s working with governments; others think it is a way to monitor grey-market sales of counterfeit printers and copiers. Either way, many printers will add yellow dots to your printed piece as a watermark code stating what printer made that document. Read the Instructables post “ Yellow Dots of Mystery: Is Your Printer Spying on You? ” for a tutorial on how to see if your printer is doing this. (NOTE: the video on this page plays automatically. Boo!)

Digital watermarking for relational databases has emerged as a candidate solution to provide copyright protection, tamper detection, traitor tracing , and maintaining integrity of relational data. Many watermarking techniques have been proposed in the literature to address these purposes. A survey of the current state-of-the-art and a classification of the different techniques according to their intent, the way they express the watermark, the cover type, granularity level, and verifiability was published in 2010 by Halder et al. in the Journal of Universal Computer Science. [11]

Print on watermarked paper

print on watermarked paper


print on watermarked paperprint on watermarked paperprint on watermarked paperprint on watermarked paper