Proactive interference essay

Retroactive Interference increases when the items are similar, therefore increasing association between them as shown by spreading activation . [ 27 ] Barnes and Underwood found that when participants in the experimental condition were presented with two similar word lists, the recollection of the first word list decreased with the presentation of the second word list. [ 27 ] This finding contrasts the control condition as they had little Retroactive Inference when asked to recall the first word list after a period of unrelated activity. [ 27 ]

The bond between the teacher and parent is the invisible bond of maturity and immaturity, which affects the child’s growth and development. The parent- child bond is a secure bond of comfort and happiness; whereas, the bond of the teacher- child is the first bond which the child faces at a very young stage in the outside world without the interference of parents. This bond helps him to climb the social ladder at every stage and plays a crucial role in his mental and emotional development. But, at every stage this may not be easy for the child as well as for the parents’: the child may dislike the teacher or vice- versa.

Proactive interference essay

proactive interference essay


proactive interference essayproactive interference essayproactive interference essayproactive interference essay