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We had a few more hours before we had to leave for the airport, so we made our way over to STUMP for a look around. STUMP is a plant shop with the goal to “educate our customers to ensure that they have a successful experience owning and caring for their plants.” I absolutely loved this mindset because I have a hard time keeping my plants alive. I guess I just need to buy them from a shop that will educate me and help me pick the right plant for our lifestyle! Once again, this was another shop where I would have loved to buy everything. If only I could fit a bunch of live plants in my carry-on suitcase….

Some of Sinatra's close friends, all of whom are known to the men guarding Jilly's door, do manage to get an escort into the back room. But once they are there they, too, must fend for themselves. On the particular evening, Frank Gifford, the former football player, got only seven yards in three tries. Others who had somehow been close enough to shake Sinatra's hand did not shake it; instead they just touched him on the shoulder or sleeve, or they merely stood close enough for him to see them and, after he'd given them a wink of recognition or a wave or a nod or called out their names (he had a fantastic memory for first names), they would then turn and leave. They had checked in. They had paid their respects. And as I watched this ritualistic scene, I got the impression that Frank Sinatra was dwelling simultaneously in two worlds that were not contemporary.

Profile essay restaurant

profile essay restaurant


profile essay restaurantprofile essay restaurantprofile essay restaurantprofile essay restaurant