Serve fail dave eggers essay

In his article, “Serve or Fail”, author Dave Eggers argues that college students should be required to perform a minimum of 10 volunteer hours in order to graduate from the university. Dave Eggers develops and supports his argument by providing details about his time in college and also presenting statistics to show how many more hours of community service would be added to the country. Eggers’ purpose is to prove that college students would be better off using their extra time helping others and preparing to enter the workforce in order to get the readers to agree that there should be mandatory volunteering in universities. Based on the topic, and the type of language he uses, it is clear that Eggers’ targeted audience is college students, university staff members, and people who can influence university decisions.

Canada began to wonder what would happen if he reversed the equation. Instead of coming up with a menu of well-meaning programs and then trying to figure out what they accomplished and how they fit together, what if he started with the out comes he wanted to achieve and then worked backward from there, changing and tweaking and overhauling programs until they actually produced the right results? When he followed this train of thought a little further, he realized that it wasn’t the out comes of individual programs that he really cared about: what mattered was the overall impact he was able to have on the children he was trying to serve. He was all too familiar with the "fade-out" phenomenon, where a group of needy kids are helped along by one program or another, only to return to the disappointing mean soon after the program ends. Head Start, the government-funded prekindergarten program for poor children, was the classic example. Plenty of studies had determined conclusively that graduates of Head Start entered kindergarten ahead of their inner-city peers. And plenty of studies had shown that a few years later, those same graduates had slipped back to the anemic achievement level of neighborhood kids who hadn’t attended Head Start. A few years of bad schooling and bad surroundings were powerful enough to wipe out all of the program’s gains.

Serve fail dave eggers essay

serve fail dave eggers essay


serve fail dave eggers essayserve fail dave eggers essay