Short story analysis essay prompt

The timer was set, the oven already heated from the first
batch. Maybell genteelly placed the tray on the rack, closed the oven door and
went back to the dining room, hoping to catch the perp red handed. But there
was no one there, and no sound. The plate of cookies sat there, cold as the 60
year old table it sat on. And the cookies she counted out, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, …
Six!? She had prepared the batch fresh this morning after the dozen she had
made last night seemingly vanished into thin air. She was hot now. She could
feel the effects of work in her bones and the cool swing on her front porch was
calling her. She lifted her skirt as she crossed over the gnarled thresh-hold
and she sat, like a queen looking over the row-homes. She smiled. “I’ll get
those kids one of these days.”

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Short story analysis essay prompt

short story analysis essay prompt


short story analysis essay promptshort story analysis essay promptshort story analysis essay promptshort story analysis essay prompt