Term 91 california water

As early as March 1905, the City of Los Angeles began secretly acquiring water rights in the Owens Valley. [42] [43] In 1913, it completed construction of its 233-mile (375 km) Los Angeles Aqueduct , [44] But it did not take long for Los Angeles water officials to realize that Owens River water was not enough to supply the rapidly growing metropolis. In 1920, they began to purchase more of the water rights on the Owens Valley floor. As the decade went on, the City of Los Angeles bought out one Owens Valley farmer after another, and extended its reach northward into Mono County , including Long Valley. [45] By 1933, the City owned 85% of all town property and 95% of all ranch and farm land in the Owens Valley, including Manzanar. [39]

Term 91 california water

term 91 california water


term 91 california waterterm 91 california waterterm 91 california waterterm 91 california water