Thesis proposal on solar energy

The proposed teachers’ manual will emphasize full class participation and teamwork as well as individual projects and/or study. The teacher handling the subject is the facilitator and the manager of the classroom environment. The focus will be more on laboratory and project-based instruction designed to enable and inspire students to develop high-level analytical skills. Project-based learning and teaching is an inductive teaching method that begins with an assignment to carry out one or more tasks that lead to the production of a final product – a design, model or device. The culmination of the project is a written or oral report summarizing the procedural steps used to produce the product and presenting the outcome to the whole group.

Dude I built the thing and had to make about 50 of em and let me tell you that solar cells VARY ALOT. Not one of the 100 solar cells was exact as per the specks (I painfully checked each one with my meter a very slow process indeed). I would suggest in purchasing 4 or 5 solar cells and take the highest voltage of the bunch and pair them together, thats what I did. I had no problem with the voltage being too high because of the low amperage. 7 and 8 volts was optimum for charging a dead cell phone. The ones I build for this demonstration worked but the sun must be bright. Again some worked better do to the large variation in solar cells strength. Lesson learned, ALL SOLAR CELLS ARE NOT CREATED EQAUL. No voltage regulator is required as far as the ones I built. Keep in mind the price you pay for something, 2 solar cells = altoids tin = $ thats not including all the tape and solder and heatsrink tubing .....when you can already buy on the market wink wink for say $.

The best way around this for Infigen would be for its next SE wind farm, Woakwine, to connect to the Vic grid at Heywood, and be part of the Vic system. The SA network in the South-East is probably not strong enough to accommodate output from Woakwine (300 MW) without a ~40 km transmission line within SA to the 275 kV line. Why build a 40 km transmission line and get bad prices, when a 140 km transmission line to Heywood gets much better prices when the wind farm is generating ? As an added benefit, Infigen gets its own interconnector (via its existing wind farms), so it can also get income from operating an interconnector when there is spare capacity on the line. Perhaps the most profitable time for such a line would be when there is high solar production in SA, which it could feed into Vic’s 500 kV network. Within Victoria there is only capacity for ~750 MW of new solar in the sunny north of the State before the 220 kV network becomes congested, so it will be a long time before Vic prices are depressed during times of high solar output.

Thesis proposal on solar energy

thesis proposal on solar energy


thesis proposal on solar energythesis proposal on solar energythesis proposal on solar energythesis proposal on solar energy