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Inspired by the spirit of the heartland, Farmer Boys was built on homegrown goodness and raised on family pride. Founded by the five Havadjias brothers, the first Farmer Boys restaurant opened its doors in Perris, California in 1981. Our generous portions and farm-fresh food quickly gained a loyal following, and by 1997, seven more family owned restaurants appeared across Southern California. Eager to share their success, the Havadjias brothers granted their first franchise in 1998. A year later, the first independently owned Farmer Boys restaurant opened in Temecula, California. At last count, there were 79 Farmer Boys restaurants at locations all over Southern and Central California and in Nevada. Today, thanks to an ever-expanding franchise operation, the Farmer Boys family continues to grow.

In the barns and nearby fields are our friendly farm animals – all great favourites with those who visit us year after year. Children, teenagers and adults alike love the freedom of Higher Trevinnick as well as the company of Farmer James – tending to the animals and helping with jobs in the farmyard every day. A truly interactive experience connecting you with the countryside. There are no extra charges whatsoever during your stay with us, including for the farm activities – having just the two cottages means we can more or less tailor the farm experience to what you enjoy most.

Winning farmer essays-about farmers

winning farmer essays-about farmers


winning farmer essays-about farmerswinning farmer essays-about farmerswinning farmer essays-about farmerswinning farmer essays-about farmers